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Health Package

Kriti Master Health Check Rs. 4,000/- Book Now
Specially designed for the assessment of men and women health. It's includes:
Haemogram Liver Function Test Others


Bilirubin -Total & Indirect

Blood Group

WBC, Differential Count


& Rh Typing

Packed Cell Volume


Blood Sugar Fasting




Peripheral Smear

Alkaline Phosphatase

Stool Examination


Total Protein

X- Ray Chest

Platelet Count

Albumin, Globulin


Lipid Profile

AG Ratio


Total Cholesterol

Kidney Function

of whole abdomen


Serum Urea

For Women

Total Cholesterol/HDL Ratio

Serum Creatinine

Pap Smear


Serum Uric Acid


Kriti Executive Health Check Rs. 5,000/- Book Now
Designed for health assessment of individuals leading stressful life, improper food habbits & addiction to smoking. In addition to the tests done in Kriti Master Health Check this also includes:
2 D Echocardiography & Diet Counseling
Kriti Heart Check Rs. 6,000/-
Without CT Coronary Angiography
Book Now
This check is a comprehensive set of tests providing information of status of your cardiovascular system. In addition to Kriti Executive Health check it includes:
TMT Consultation with a Specialist
Kriti Heart Check with Coronary Angiography Rs. 17,500/- Book Now
CT Coronary Angiography is done with Kriti Executive Health Check.
Kriti Well Women Check Rs. 3,000/- Book Now
Comprehensive health check for women including breast examination, check up by Gynaecologist and investigations. A good screening tool for early detection of female cancers. It includes:
Complete Haemogram X-Ray Chest, Stool Examination
Complete Urine Analysis Pap Smear
Random Blood Sugar Ultrasound Scan for Abdomen
TSH Consultation with Specialist
Kriti Child Health Check Rs. 1,750/- Book Now
This is designed for overall assessment of your child's health, growth & nutritional requirements. It includes:

Complete Haemogram

Mantoux Test

Complete Urine Analysis

Stool Examination

X-Ray Chest

Consultation with Specialist

Kriti Family Health Check Rs. 12,000/- Book Now
This is a composite package for a family of four (husband, wife & two kids below 12 years of age), Includes all tests of Kriti Master & Child Health Check respectively.

Few simple steps of preparation for health check

Kriti Health checks require fasting (Empty Stomach) of 8 to 10 hours

Collect your "Health Check Kit" any time between 8am to 8pm one day before the test.

The kit is meant for collection of samples of urine and stool.

You are supposed to inform the health check executive regarding any history of previous illness and treatment,

Females having their periods are advised to postpone health check till it is stopped.

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Health Packages